Rampage XB 1/5 Scale Gas Buggy
  • Rampage XB 1/5 Scale Gas Buggy


    The Rampage XB doesn't rely solely on its impressive size and scary power to turn heads. With its adjustable rear wing and stylish buggy body, now covered in dirt, the Rampage XB is a great looking vehicle while on the shelf, or attacking nearby terrain.

    A 2.4GHz radio system commands precision from the powerful large scale steering servo and metal gear throttle/brake servo, which allows the driver to remain in control while drool collects at the feet of onlookers.

    As you near the end of your run, you engage the dual disc brake system and drive the Rampage XB back to its starting position. Still in awe, spectators slowly pick up their jaws and begin to process what they've just witnessed.

    As your body trembles with excitement, you realize that you may have just experienced the single most exciting thing of your entire life. Looking out among the other fellow RC enthusiasts, who are now dreaming of owning a Rampage XB buggy for themselves, you shout, "You have just witnessed the Rampage!"

    Get the Rampage XB 1/5 scale buggy today, and experience the power of the Rampage for yourself!

    • • Powerful 2-stroke gas engine, Pull start, Large capacity fuel tank, Tuned Exhaust pipe, 4mm 6061 T6 Aluminum chassis, Aluminum body oil filled shocks, Front and rear gear differentials, Ball bearings throughout.
    • • Easily tuned gas engine w/ choke, Tunable centrifugal clutch, Adjustable brake linkage, Adjustable ride height, Tunable suspension, Multiple shock locations, Adjustable toe angle, Adjustable camber.
    • • Aggressive buggy tires, Shaft driven durability, Enclosed battery box, Chrome tuned pipe, Engine enclosed in roll cage.
    • • Powerful 30cc HY 2-Stroke Gas Engine, High torque throttle/brake servo, High torque 1/5 scale steering servo, 2.4GHz radio system.
    • Assembled & Almost Ready to Run - Requires Unleaded Gasoline (must be mixed with 2-stroke oil), 2-Stroke Oil, Filter Oil, AA Batteries for Transmitter

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